Cancer Horoscope Month of January, 2018

January, 2018


Your mind is likely to get distracted during this month. You will be occupied pondering over one thing or the another all round the month. This might increase your confusion and worries. Your mental disturbance and stress might affect your health negatively. Therefore, you should concentrate on your work and should not indulge in over thinking. Go with the flow and do not be afraid of future problems that are uncertain in nature. Learn to face things as they come up in your life. Some of your endeavours would be met with success during this month. There would be many opportunities that will help you in achieving success. Do not miss them as life does not always give you a second bite at the cherry. These golden chances will come knocking your door because Mars is transiting in the Libra zodiac sign. Along with the red planet Mars, Jupiter will also transit in Libra which will help you gain superior support and authority at your workplace. You might act lazy during this period because Rahu is entering Cancer. This transit can lead to idleness and increase your problems. You may also feel a bit low about your health, which you are required to take care of. There would be an atmosphere of unrest in the house. Hence, you should try your best to bring the harmony back. Respect your parents and try getting their blessings as they will be a boon for you. There is a possibility of addition of new members in the family during this month. It will be a good time for you financially. This month may be good for you as you will get money from various sources. Your ability to think and understand as well as your decision-making might be affected negatively during this month. But working with logic and discretion would help you achieve better results than what you expect.


Your career will be in a better shape during this month. The chance of success in this month are quite high. The position of planets is also indicating monetary benefits for you. If your money is stuck somewhere and you are trying to get it, you will be able to retrieve it in the month of January. If there is any work, which might boost up your economic status, then you must try it. By doing this, you can get opportunities to make money. Your destiny will also favor you because the planet Jupiter will transit in Libra. You will give good direction to your work and will get benefits related to your career. The economic situation is likely to be better this month. So you are advised to continue your efforts and wait for the sweet fruit of labour.


This month will be better for you in terms of health. Because the Sun, Venus, and Saturn are transiting in the Sagittarius zodiac sign, there is no major danger associated with your health. You might be tensed during this month due to your hectic work schedule. Too much physical exertion can cause knee or stomach discomfort. But these problems will be present only for a short time and you will get better at the end of the month. You can do meditation and yoga to combat these kinds of physical problems. Take care of your body, and try to tackle your physical and mental problems. This will increase your efficiency and will help you in all walks of life.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

You will have a good relationship with your love partner in this month. Your co-ordination with them is bound to improve. You will find comfort in their arms and will be able to develop a relationship of mutual harmony. They will also lend their support in your work, so try to keep a good relationship with your beloved. Your spouse might suffer from stressful situations, so try to maintain a peaceful relationship with them. By doing this, you can make sure that there is a peaceful and calm atmosphere in the house. The shadowy planet Ketu will transit into Capricorn, which will adversely affect your attachment to your life partner and also cause problems related to their health. There may be a chaotic atmosphere in the house, so try to make this situation better by figuring out the solution for problems. Do not overreact in tensed situations. If you are planning to go out with your partner, then this plan would prove to be successful in bringing you closer to each other. The Cancerians who want to let their partners know about the feelings that they have for them might do so during this month. The results will be favourable for you in this matter.

Family & Friends

You will earn respect in your family. Every member of your family will greet you with respect and will consider your advice before making a big move. You will be bestowed with blessings by your parents and your teachers. These people will be your guiding light and will help you to choose what is right for you. Your children will be the object of your affections and will live upto your expectations. Your children will look upto you and you will try to set the best example for them. Your relationship with your blood relatives will get better during this month. However, you might feel a bit lonely in the company of your spouse, which might in turn increase the distance between you to. Try to figure out a solution for it together if you want to have a happy married life. Also, your relationship with your paternal uncle might be affected during this month. You should try your best to sort out the matter amicably.


You should donate white rice, sugar, etc on Monday. Worship Lord Shiva and offer water in Lord Shiva temple. This will help you in achieving the success that you yearn for. Chanting the Panchakshari Mantra with help you combat any problem that might cross your path.

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