Capricorn Horoscope Month of January, 2018

January, 2018


If you are planning to start any work this month, executing the plan would turn out to be in your favour. If you are leading any work with confidence, chances are high that you will succeed in it. But because of Saturn transiting in Sagittarius, the position of planets will make you work harder and and will cause stressful situations. Financially, this month is likely to be better for you. If you are trying hard to achieve your goal, then this month seems to be favorable for it. You can also get the support of your family members to accomplish it. Because Mars is transiting in Libra, conditions would eventually get better. You will get immense support from both, your family and friends. Hence, try to maintain warm relations with your friends as well. Your health will also be fine, but you should still be conscious about your health. This month might be beneficial for you in terms of career. Luck will be on your side in whatever work you do. You can get good results of your hard work by the end of the month. Because of Mercury’s transit in Scorpio zodiac sign, you will get lucky enough to get success. You will be successful in pursuing your actions smoothly. You are advised to not get yourself involved in any kind of dispute. Keep your work as your top priority and try to complete it on time. Avoid getting entangled in conflicts at your workplace.


This month your financial situations have the possibility of getting better. The transit of Mars in Libra will be beneficial for your work related matters. A great possibility of financial gain is on the cards for you. Wealth as well as property might be gained by you during this month. If you are involved in a property deal, the task might get accomplished by the end of this month. Limit your affections towards your close ones. Not getting involved in the give and take of money will be a better choice otherwise the probability of financial loss will be there. You are therefore, suggested to save your money for times of need.


From the viewpoint of health, the situation might get quite tense this month. The transit of Rahu in Cancer might prove to be harmful for your health. Health related problems might affect your spouse along with you. If you are in love with somebody, you will be concerned about their health as well. In such case, taking care of yourself as well as your loved one will be needed. On the arrival of a health problem, solving it within time will be a better choice.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The monthly horoscope predicts that you might have to suffer because of your loved ones. You need to understand those whom you love because you might feel that they do not support you and this will provoke you to hurt yourself and also give you mental pressure. If you love someone, be in touch with them. It will be better for you if you do not propose anyone during this month. You will indulge in extravagance. You are likely to spend money by making a trip with your love partner. Make sure to tighten your belt otherwise the trip might cost you too much to afford. You would be required to spend your money on the treatment of health issues of your partner as well as on their personal needs. You should take precautions and avoid spending on unnecessary things. If you are married, then things will heat up between you and your spouse. You can have disputes with them over petty issues. In such a situation, you should keep peace with them and try to develop a better mutual understanding by means of communication. You would also be concerned about the health of your spouse and due to this, you will have to keep them away from overwork. For a warm relationship with your spouse, you will have to behave in a better and friendly manner with them.

Family & Friends

You will retain strong bonds with the members of your family. The transit of Jupiter in Libra will lead to the emergence of favourable situations in your family. The situation might get tensed regarding your children and concerns relating to them might trouble you. In such case, try to have better relations with them and acquire a better understanding of them. Your relationship with your parents might get better, so for gaining the blessings of your parents, respecting and serving them may prove to be beneficial. You will get along with your family members like houses on fire. You should remember that you need to act according to the situation. Avoid being impatient and use your gray matter before speaking anything crucial. If you are a businessman, you might get to gain the support of your family in business as well.


Refrain yourself from wearing black clothes during this month. Lighting a sesame oil lamp under a Peepal tree on Saturdays will guard you from adverse situations. Donating black colored objects on Saturday will make you take the lead in the competition. Serving birds and animals will help you in shaping your future.

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