Libra Horoscope Month of January, 2018

January, 2018


You might get distracted from your work during this month. Your problems might increase due to your work overload. Your decision-making abilities can be adversely affected. You might think that you need someone’s support, who can show you direction and help you with your work. But this thinking will lead you to trouble. You should trust yourself and believe that you can achieve success by doing your work with confidence. So instead of demanding support from someone else, try to trust yourself and complete your work. You would get success if you try your best to achieve whatever you have been yearning for. The planet Jupiter is transiting in the Libra zodiac, and along with it, the red planet Mars will also transit in Libra. This will help you to achieve success in every field by means of your courage and determination. You will share an amazing bonding with your family. By the end of the month, you will be able to get all the required support from your family. You will be happy in your married life and you are bound to get comfort from your children. Financially, this month might be better for you. Whatever strategy you have to work, make sure that you execute it well. There might be a stressful environment at your home in the beginning of the month. You will earn monetary benefits during the last few days of the month. You will try to move ahead in the forward direction with the aim of making a remarkable progress in your life. You will try your best to finish all your pending work during the month of January.


This month seems to be favorable for work and business. You will get lot of golden opportunities for proving yourself at your workplace. You will face less problems related to your business and career. The more you put your efforts, the better the results would be. The Ketu transit in Capricorn might create hindrance in your work. This would also lead to the development of tension between you and your colleagues, which might turn them against you. You need to maintain good relations with them to ensure harmony at workplace. Do not let your anger create any problems at your workplace. You need not worry about petty issues that might surface every now and then. All you are required to do is be patient and wait for the things to fall in place. But at the same time, you should remember that time and tides wait for none, so you should not wait too long and in case the situation worsens, do not hesitate in making a move. You need to have a healthy relationship with your seniors too. Try to have a good impression on them. Otherwise they might create barriers, which will make it difficult for you to succeed. Therefore, you will always be better off by having a good relationship with them. If you have any plans for a startup with someone who is trustworthy, then you should give a thought about it and try to start it by the end of the month. You can count on your trusted friends. Analyze any situation before acting. The position of the stars predict that if you start any work on your own, then it would be more rewarding for you. It will be economically better and more profitable for you as well.


You might have some health issues during this month. The transit of the planet Saturn in Sagittarius might prove to be detrimental to your health. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to take care of your health. You might develop some disease related to the respiratory tract or urinary tract. These problems are not easy to cope up with, so you should not let these shackle you. Consult a qualified doctor if such a situation arises and take proper care of your health and wellness.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your love relationship would be amazing during this month. Relationship with your partner will get better each day and the advices given by them can prove to be beneficial for you. A trip with your partner is also likely to happen in the month of January. If you are planning to propose your loved one, then the end of the month will be the right time to communicate your intense feelings to them. There is a high possibility that your relation with your wife will be better than ever during this month. There might be some disputes between you and your life partner, but it will not be a big problem. You will manage to solve it with mutual consent. You should remember that not only your work but also your married life is important. So, do not neglect your life partner and take equal care of them. You might also go on a tour with your spouse, which will be beneficial for your relationship. It will improve your perception skills and will also help you to increase your concentration power.

Family & Friends

There might be a tensed atmosphere in your family. Your closed ones might try to put your image down, so you need to think of a plan of how to bring everybody together and execute it as well. You will gain the support of your spouse and children and your siblings will be quite supportive of you as well. From a financial viewpoint, the situation might get a bit tensed during which your family will lend you a helping hand. The support of family regarding work matter will be moderate. Thus, your family life will be good in general.


Observe fast and donate white colored objects on Fridays. You should go and pay a visit to an old age home and serve the elderly people there. Doing this on Friday will help you in achieving the results that you want in your life. You will prosper if you respect and serve your elders.

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