Pisces Horoscope Month of January, 2018

January, 2018


In the beginning of this month, you may be confused and stressful. With the passing of time, you might become more confused. There might be a decrease in your materialistic comforts. The transit of Jupiter in Libra will lead to a decrease in your efficiency at your workplace. But, you should not lose hope and carry out your work with full dedication and sincerity. Do not do any work in haste. Because if you do so, you may have to suffer a loss in the end. Your mind would be distracted and your thoughts would waver. If you let these negativities take a toll on you, nervousness and troubles can disrupt youri life. The pleasure of the acquisition of a new vehicle or a house can be achieved because Mercury will transit into Scorpio, which will give you the comfort of having a vehicle or a house. Conditions would be favorable for your child and this month seems to be better for you in terms of health. It is anticipated that your career might be affected, but working with diligence and hard work is likely to help you to get successful. This month would be financially better for you. You might go on work related journeys which will beget you fruitful results.deprivation of sleep might affect your health adversely. If you make logical decisions, you will be able to strike gold during this month. Do not lend your money to other people, otherwise it would be tough for you to retrieve it and it would get stuck there for a long period of time. This might stress you up and prove to be detrimental to your health.


Economic conditions can be tense in the early part of this month, but they would get better during the latter half of the month. You can execute a highly sought after and logical work plan for achieving financial gains. Work with diligence and remember that hard work will pave your way to success. If you immerse yourself in your work, you will be able to enjoy a good economic status and monetary benefits. Delay and hindrance may arise in receiving money but opportunities for getting monetary benefits are good. The results might be late, but they will arrive for sure. That’s why you should continue with your efforts. You can gear up to do some work for achieving economic gains in this month. Efforts made for economic advancement under a well-planned strategy can be successful.


As per the predictions of the monthly horoscope for the month of January, your health is likely to improve this month. Mercury will transit into Scorpio, which is a good sign for your health. Be very particular about what you eat and drink. If you do not take care of your health status, it would adversely affect your personal as well as professional life. So it is mandatory for to take care of your health and do not neglect it because of your work. There may be worrisome conditions regarding you or your spouse’s health during the later part of the year but it would not affect you much and you will be able to recover from it easily.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

It looks like your love affair might lead to stressful situations during this month. Sourness may arise in the relationship that you share with your love partner. There might be some differences of opinion which will lead to frequent quarrels between the two of you. You should try to solve these problems in order to make your relationship work out. Avoid using foul language as it can worsen the situations. Try to avoid any kind of misunderstanding and clear it as soon as it crops up. Married couples will share a good understanding with each other and will support each other in times of distress and need. You should pay heed to the words of your spouse and act upon their advice as this will help you in the long run. You might also consider going on a journey with your spouse, which will bring you closer. It will not only freshen your mood, but also bring with it some monetary benefits.

Family & Friends

You will get along well in your family and will spend your time together with everyone. You will be able to all the support that you need from your family members. You can also get support from your life partner and your relationship with them is likely to improve during this month. You will receive cooperation from your children as well. You will experience happiness this month and will get to hear some good news related to your offspring. Your parents will bless you. With their love and cooperation, you will be able to do wonders in all walks of life. You will share an unshakeable bond with your parents. Harmony would be present in the atmosphere of your home. You will have a sense of mental satisfaction and will be happy with what goes in your life at your family front. You will gain status in the society and would earn respect in your family. You can cooperate with your family members and friends. You can get advice from them as it would be highly beneficial for you.


Feed jaggery to cows on Thursday. Feeding fodder to cows will also prove to be highly beneficial for you. Observing fasts on Thursday will help you in getting favourable outcomes in your endeavours. Respect your teachers and serve them. Treat students of gurukul kindly. This will help you in making the best out of this month.

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