You may be successful in your work during this month. Whichever scheme you choose to prepare for a task would turn to be successful. You may lack a little self-confidence, but you will receive profits from works done with courage and enthusiasm. Therefore, throughout this month, make sure to undertake any kind of work with a whole lot of confidence.

You will be successful and an increased amount of interest in spiritual activities would allow you to build contacts with people inclined towards spirituality. This will allow you to reap excellent benefits. Jupiter is communicating in Scorpio zodiac, which will be good in terms of acquiring the pleasure of a house, vehicle etc. Relations with relatives will be good and there is a possibility of an increase in economic gains.

If you try to expand any type of business, then you will get good profits in the same. In addition to an increased amount of courage and strength, you are also likely to receive a better position at work. However, there might be a delay in getting the position at workplace.

There is a possibility of receiving less support from your brothers and friends. Hence, you will have to rely on yourself, to carry out your tasks on your own. There is an excellent chance of purchasing a house, vehicle etc. There is a strong chance of receiving excellent support from parents and family. If you are a student, then you may have to face some stressful situations pertaining to academics. This may lead to mental unrest and a lot of anxiety.

You may feel a bit stressed about your studies. However, putting in efforts would allow you to achieve success. Dragon’s Head is communicating with Cancer zodiac, which can lead to hindrances during preparation for examinations. Political conditions are likely to remain affected. You might get benefits in political areas. However, such situation will arise only after doing a task with complete faith and dedication. No fear related to health is to be noticed during this month.

The enemy side would also not cause any kind of tension. There are chances of situations related to overseas travel and marital life remaining normal. In this month, there are also signs of receiving some contingency money.

Fate will accompany you. In addition to household work, the business-related work would also fetch you an amazing amount of success. If you undertake business, then there are indications that you might get good success in your work area in addition to some amazing opportunities for reaping economic benefits. During this month, the dates viz: 1st, 9th, 10th, 18th and 19th are not suitable for you. Undertaking important tasks on any of these dates might prove to be disadvantageous. Therefore, try to do any work while avoiding these days, which will prove to be good and progressive for you. You will be successful in accordance to the time.


During this month, conditions regarding economic welfare are likely to remain affected. There would be creation of an excellent atmosphere for career-oriented progress. However, from the perspective of economic growth, situations are likely to remain unfavourable. Under such a scenario, any type of effort made to achieve economic gains will turn to be truly advantageous for you. There is quite a possibility that the work you choose to do might get affected by a certain kind of disruption. However, trying to overcome any such minor or major obstacles would ensure success for you. You might receive excellent opportunities of reaping economic benefits. Apart from all this, Dragon’s Tail is communicating in the Capricorn zodiac, which proves to be disadvantageous from the perspective of economic growth. There is a clear possibility of your money getting stuck in something or the other. Additionally, you may have to difficulties in receiving this money back. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to stay very careful during all kinds of monetary transactions.

There might be an excellent probability that you may get an opportunity of doing any kind of contractual job or a specific type of work that would strengthen your economic condition. Fate would accompany you throughout this month and you will be successful in every type of work that is being done with a good amount of self-confidence and courage. In all such works, you will undoubtedly achieve success and will be able to maintain a good lifestyle for yourself and your family.


This month of January 2019 isn’t quite favourable in terms of health for people belonging to the Pisces zodiac sign. You may have to suffer from problems related to stomach or joints. You may also complain about any kind of stomach related pain or any unnecessary and unexpected type of health-related problem. In addition to all this, you may also have to suffer from an injection or any other similar type of ailment. Therefore, as an advice, it is absolutely necessary to be cautious about your health and get regular health-checks done for yourself within every six months.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

In this month, the conditions regarding love affair are not good. There is a possibility that the mutual harmony with your boyfriend/girlfriend might get distorted, which may also have a negative impact on your area of work. You should make regular attempts to maintain a warm bond with your boyfriend or girlfriend and also have sympathy for each other because a brilliant mutual harmony between the two of you would showcase a good possibility of achieving success in every work that you choose to undertake.

If you are planning to launch a new project, then there is no need to share the details regarding the same with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You must also refrain from sharing nay secret concerns or secret events with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This may have a bad effect on your romantic relationship. If possible, limit the number of meetings with your beloved during this month. Talk less with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Situations regarding marital life are also likely to remain normal throughout the month of January 2019.

Nothing concrete can be said about anything. There are chances of having mutual differences with your life partner, which may cause a lot of mental unrest and you may have to be stressed about the same. Due to domestic disputes, there can be a negative impact on an overseas tour and work area. Situations related to children and enemies are likely to remain unfavourable throughout the month of January 2019. Your in-laws may also cause a good amount of tension. Therefore, you should make regular efforts to stay closely associated with the family members and the same would prove tremendously beneficial for you.

Family & Friends

Family conditions are likely to remain normal during this month. There would be good interpersonal harmony within the family and you would receive support in your area of work. In this month, there might be a possibility of a dispute related to money or property. Mutual disputes might also arise. Therefore, try to avoid such controversies, so that the mutual harmony between the family members remains commendable.

Have good faith in parents and try to seek their blessings throughout the month of January 2019. You can get good success in any work with the help of your parents. You will also be able to see the continuous support of your brothers and friends in your life. Therefore, be a family-oriented person and make regular attempts of gelling up with people around you.

Besides from the family members, try to maintain a cordial relationship with other people as well because you never know who can prove beneficial at which point of time in your life. Therefore, it is essential to have a good relationship with everyone around your aura. There might be an increase in concerns regarding your children. Situations regarding the children’s education and career might remain stressful. In spite of such a situation existing in the family, there will be a possibility of some kind of celebration in the house, which will ascertain a calm and pleasant atmosphere at home.


As a remedy for all problems that you may have to face in the month of January 2019, you must maintain a good amount of interest in activities related to religion and spiritualism. Pay due respect to your Guru and make it a point to offer help in all kinds of religious activities and events. Serve the elderly in the old age homes and don’t refrain from offering help in the form of cash and kind. Indulging in all such activities would prove beneficial for your health and career. Also, don’t forget to donate yellow coloured items on every Thursday.

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