You will possess excellent analytical skills during the span of this month. Your memory will be sharp and things will not easy slip out of your head. You will get success in your endeavours and will shine brightly at your career front. The tasks done with courage and enthusiasm will beget favourable results. You will rely on your intelligence and wisdom, rather than relying on instinct. This will be your protective shield and will save you from a number of problems that would have otherwise victimise you. You will be able to gain land and property. You will do well in the real estate sector. Your relationship with your blood relatives will get better and they will help you in times of distress. Those who are employed in the private sector will be around to bag a promotion, while those in the public domain will also get rewarded for their efforts. Acquiring a vehicle or land will be easy for you during this span of time. You will have a strong bond of affection with your parents. Their love and blessings will guide you to the right path and will eventually lead you to the road of success. If you are a politician, you should try to utilise this period to make your way into the hearts of the general public and gain their support. Students should study with dedication because if they do so, they will get the desired results. The month seems to be favorable for your career as well. There might be some obstacles but they will do nothing more than testing your abilities. With your persistent efforts, you will be able to easily overcome them. You will have the upper hand over your enemies. Foreign trips will be beneficial for you in monetary terms. However, your marital life might be in ruins during this month. Try to solve the problems rather than waiting for them to disappear from your life. There might be some problems due to disagreements within your family. Your luck will favour you. If you are involved in a business, you are bound to get loaded with money. The ones who are employed in jobs will also earn well during this month. The transit of the planet Rahu in Cancer may lead to several rises and falls in your financial status. Your journeys will be comfortable and fruitful. Also, it will boost up your luck factor. Due to this, you will be able to attain success achieve your goals. The transit of Jupiter in Scorpio will be favourable for journeys. Mercury transit in Sagittarius will be good for your career and your health. Maintain personal hygiene and consume a healthy and balanced diet to keep yourself fit and healthy. The 4th, 5th, 13th, 14th, 22nd, and 23rd of this month do not seem to be favourable for you. Hence, you should be alert and cautious on these dates. Adopt safety measures to keep trouble at bay and do not take any kind of risk on these dates.


There will be some ups and downs in your financial life. You might have to face some hurdles in your attempts to make money. Thus, you should avoid starting any new project during this month. You should also be careful in monetary transactions. You should remember that trusting others blindly will do more harm than good. Try to work hard and make money in your business. You should not only work for short-term goals, but for a long-term basis. Making an investment might turn out to be a bit risky during this month. Hence, you should not do it unless necessary. You will get along well with your business partners and will get good results with their support and cooperation. You should wait until the 14th of this month is over if you want to start something new. Avoid taking decisions in a hurry. Clearly examine a situation before making a move. If you are employed in a job, you should be on good terms with your colleagues and seniors. Avoid getting yourself involved in any controversy at your workplace.


Physiological problems may arise and you might be hit by stomach and cardiovascular problems such as constipation, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Keep your diet in check if you do not want to fall ill. You might adhere to practicing yoga regularly in order to maintain your physical fitness. It will be beneficial for you to take out some time for yourself. Your spouse might also experience some physical problems, which need to be tackled as soon as they crop up. Therefore it is important for you to take care of yourself as well as your spouse during this month.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month will be a tough period for your love life. Your relationship with your partner might be affected due to which you might experience mental stress and anxiety. These will lead you to a confused state of mind. If the situation with your partner worsens, there are chances of separation too. Do not let trivial issues disrupt your relationship. Communicate well with your love partner and try to solve the problems that exist between both of you. Avoid complicating things and do not lie because when these lies would be exposed, they will tear your relationship apart. Do not suspect your partner. Trust them and be loyal. However, if something about your partner keeps nagging you every now and then, try to get to the bottom of things and satisfy yourself. You might go on a romantic trip, date, dinner or movie with your partner in order to make things work out between the two of you. Married life will not be easy for you during this month. You might get embroiled in heated arguments with your partner. Due to this, you will not be as to concentrate on your work and your performance will degrade. You should not utter any word of disrespect to your partner, which might hurt them. You must not let petty issues affect your marriage and try to make things simpler by means of communication. Avoid aggression and behave maturely with your partner.

Family & Friends

The month will kickstart with a happy environment at your home, but the tables will turn soon and the peace will be disrupted. The family members will be less attached to each other and as a result, differences will surface up. There might be some dusadgyments and clash of words between your kinsmen. However, everything will gradually improve and the conditions will get better during the second half of the month. You will be able to bring g your family back together if you try to. At the same time, you should realise that it is your duty to take care of your family members, especially your elders. Also, pay attention to the health of your parents. If their health degrades, do not delay in consulting a doctor and starting a medical treatment. The second half of the month will fill your home premises with waves of joy and happiness as an auspicious activity or a ceremony will take place in your home. Your children might be the cause of your worry during this month. They might not live up to your expectations as far as their academic performance is concerned. Their health might also deteriorate and should be taken care of. You should help your siblings if they need it. Do not get irritated by problems. Instead, try to find solutions and retain your mental peace. Overall, the month will be average for your family life.


You should feed the orphan children on Wednesday. You might also pay a visit to an orphanage and bestow your love and kindness upon the children there. Helping such people will in turn help you in overcoming hurdles in your life. Worship Lord Ganesha with unswerving devotion and offer him Durva and green colored objects. You will receive benefits if you do this regularly.

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