Predictions from Prasna-Lagna
In a query pertaining to yes or no, success or failure, no house other than the Prasna-Lagna, meaning the Horary-Ascendant should be considered important.

It is the dictum of the Prasna-Sastra, that such a query can be answered by a proper assessment of the Prasna-Lagna alone. If only one question is answered, the prediction will rarely go wrong.

Many hindu astrologers use Tajaka-aspects and Tajaka-yogas for this type of astrological judgement.

1) Failure:
a) If the dispositor of the Ascendant-lord is in the unfavourable houses (6th, 8th and 12th).
b) If a malefic (i.e., Saturn, Mars or Sun) is badly influencing the Ascendant-point, or if the Moon is afflicted.
c) If the Ascendant-lord is a malefic without benefic influence; or afflicted by malefics or combust.
d) If the Ascendant is a Prishtodaya sign (Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn, i.e., signs rising by their backs).

2) Success:
a) If Kendra and Trikona houses are occupied by benefics, andmalefics posited in houses other than the Kendras and the 8th.
b) If the Ascendant-point is under benefic influence of its lord or one or more benefic planet, and the Moon is unafflicted.
c) If the Ascendant-lord is a benefic or influenced by benefics and free from affliction.
d) If the Ascendant is a Seershodaya sign (Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius, i.e., rising by their heads).

3) Mixed results: 
There will be mixed results, i.e., ultimate succes after initial setbacks and reverses; or only part of the results are realized.

a) If the Ascendant is influenced by malefics and and benefics both.
b) If the Ascendant is Pisces. (Pisces is rising both ways).
c) If the Ascendant is a Seershodaya sign, influenced by a malefic.
d) If the Ascendant is a Prishtodaya sign, influenced by a benefic.

4)Prasna Lagna: 
If the Prasna Lagna is a fixed sign, there will be fixed position and no change, a permanent situation, neither going nor coming back, no loss, no death, neither cure of disease, nor defeat.

If Prasna Lagna is a cardinal sign the reverse should be predicted. Then there will be change in position, a temporary situation, travel, cure of disease, defeat in a contest.

If the Prasna Lagna is in a common sign, the first and second half are similar to fixed and cardinal signs respectively.