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The reasons of this can be known by astrology. Horoscope is the mirror of our life and so we can know many things about our life through horoscope, There are 12 houses in horoscope/kundli and all the houses represent different segments of life. One of the house is responsible for the progeny and by studying it and othere planetary positions with combination we can know about the reasons of not having baby. Having a baby/santan/child in life is a very important part of married life. It gives a new sight to the couples and make a good changes in life. Couples do lot of efforts in life to have a healthy baby or santan. There are many couples who are deprive of children and all there efforts are not giving results. In spite of taking treatment also some couples are not having progeny.

In this article I am focusing on the children problems i.e. why couple don’t have baby or why abortion takes place again and again, how to have a healthy baby, what puja is good etc.

As an ASTROLOGER, I get several mails related to child problems in life, When couples fails to get result from other sources then they contact jyotish to know the reasons of problems and appropriate solutions.

Importance of Santan/Child In Life:
An Experienced astrologer can tell you the planetary reasons of problems and the ways to get-rid of it.

Life is said to be incomplete in the absence of child, the real happiness comes after having a sweet and healthy baby after marriage. As per Indian scriptures it is a way to over come from Debt of Ancestors(Pitra Rin). In broad sense if couples are having a healthy child then it is the greatest gift to society and nation. Children are the future of our nation and so it is good to take care of them right before there birth. If parents are making children strong then definitely it is the greatest contribution to the society.

So every couple must think seriously to bring a healthy baby in this world and to take care of them properly.

Contact Astrologer to know the best ways to remove hurdles of life.

Don’t differentiate between Girl and boy Child:
Although this feeling is finishing day by day but there are some people who are having this type of feeling for them I want to say that Girls are treated as the incarnation of goddess in our society and so only lucky parents have girls child. So don’t take any tension in life and thank to god if you are having a female baby. In the present era girls are rocking in society so in spite of thinking negatively try to think to educate them properly so that they also can change the society and make your name.

If any one love there children without any partiality then definitely luck start favouring.

Also government is giving special facilities to the female child.

Astrology And Santan Prapti Yoga:
As per vedic astrology the 5th house in our horoscope is responsible for education, intelligence and progeny i.e. Santan/baby/children. So study of this house is mainly done with other planetary positions and there effects in life to know about santan in life.

The another important thing to know about to know about children is that the analysis of both husband and wife is done to know exactly about the reasons of not having santan/baby.

Following things are considered while studying about progeny in horoscope/kundli:

1.Power of 5th house in kundli. If this house is having good planets and if they are positive and have good degree then probability of having a good child enhances.

2.Which planets are seeing this house.

3.Impacts of other planets in this house.

4.Power and position of master of Santan bhaav i.e. 5th house.

5.With above the positions and power of Venus is also studied.

Now Let’s Know Some Reasons of Having Problem in Santan/Progeny/Baby:

1.If malefic planets are present in 5th house then delay in progeny may take place.

2.If the 5th house is viewed by malefic planets then also santan problems arises.

3.Presence of Mars, Sun in 5th house is also problematic.

4.Any type of grahan yoga if form in Santan bhav i.e in 5th house creates problem.

5.Bad Venus in horoscope is also a problem for couples.

Astrology Yoga Which Enhances Chances of Baby/Santan:

1.When the mahadasha of Panchamesh started and in that if the antardasha of planet present in 5th house start then probability of having santan increases.

2.When the dasha of planet present in 5th house in chandra kundli start then also chances of having progeny increases.

3.In the dasha of most powerful planet which is seeing the 5th house also enhances the chances of baby.

4.So there may be several reasons of not having child in life and there may be several reasons of having good and healthy baby. After knowing about the reasons of problems it is possible to adopt the remedies through astrology.

What Type Of Solutions Helps To Have a Baby:

1.Astrologer can recommend the best gems stone which will enhance luck and help to have a lucky child in life.

2.Astrologer can recommend best puja for you to remove the obstacles in having a baby.

3.Astrologer can recommend right daan.

4.One can also get a yantra to install and worship to over come from childless problem.

5.There are many mantras/spells present, one can also get the right mantra to over come from progeny problem.

Easy Remedy To Get a Healthy Child:
Worship the family of shiva i.e. lord ganesha with lord shiva and parwati and pray to give you a healthy child.

If you are facing santan problem then do consult astrologer and know the best totka, best puja, best worship to overcome from child problem.