Every person in the world wants to live a fantastic life with good lifestyle in their own manner. This also includes knowing and living the lifestyle and culture of foreign countries also. But sometimes,hurdlescomes in the way of procedures required for travelling in the foreign land such as visa problems, passport problems etc.

It is possible to check for the problems with the help of astrology. Through astrology,it can be determined whether the person will place his foot on the foreign land or not. The videsh yatra yog of the persons kundali tells about it for him. Foreign travel astrology is based on the positions depicted by Venus and Moon. A person with good moon and Venus has much more chances to go to foreign land without any difficulty. Third, Fifth, nnth and Twelfth, place of birth chart also helps the person to go to foreign land. A good place of Jupiter along with moon and Venus depicts that the person will study in the foreign land.

  • Do you want to go to another country?
  • Do you want to know whether you will go abroadin future?
  • Are you facing any kind of troubles in your videsh yatra yog?

 If you are having such kind of questions in your head, may be it is time to let them all out.

Our expert astrologer Dr. Jatin Adhyaru ji will make your foreign travel prediction after doing all the accurate calculations on your kundali.He will read your kundali precisely and if any problem appears in your kundali.he will also provide you astrological remedies for that. He is a world famous lal kitab astrologer who has helped thousands of people to keep their foot in the foreign counties.