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    Natural Certified Ruby (manik)


    Price : 1800 rs. /-per carat

    Weight :  5.56carat

    Colour : Dark Red

    Shape & Cut :  Square Cut

    Description : The positive aspects of sun bless wearer with sharpness of mind, beauty and wisdom of body. Sun with positive Mars enhances wearer with success and prosperity and gives abundance in the home. The wearer has long lifespan, good eyesight and radiant skin. Sun is powerful enhancer for politicians, industrialists, leaders and other aspirant people. The Sun is a source of vitality and growth not only to wearer but also wearer. It is responsible to create a strong, beautiful, sturdy constitution of wearer. Sun is a giver of life, wealth, brilliance, good fortune, fame, prosperity to wearers.

    The Sun rules the major parts in human body like heart, liver, blood circulation, lungs, head (brain), nerves, and bones.

    Ruby gemstones benefit ascendants born under the influence of Leo sunsign.

    Wearing genuine ruby will eliminate malefic effects of sun planet. Reciting Gayatri Mantra can lead the wearer to a positive outset.

    Ruby stone stimulates energy of heart chakra and root chakra. It enhances the stimulation of pineal gland. The stone opens creative and sexual powers of individual providing the wearer with power of synchronicity and passion.

    As ruby is very powerful it should be worn in pendant form to touch heart chakra. Ruby is a divine stone known to awaken Kundalini Shakti and reach wearer to bliss.

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    Natural Certified Coral (Moonga)

    4,560.00 4,940.00

    Price : 1200 rs /-per carat

    Weight : 3.80 carat

    Colour : Red

    Shape & Cut : Triangle  Cut

    Description :

    Red Coral or Lal Moonga / Munga is a Gemstone that is ruled by the Planet Mars, hot in nature and is considered to be a strong Gemstone for gaining positive powers of Mars. It is Deep Red to Orange Red in Color. It is said to encourage strength and courage of the wearer as in Hindu mythology it is considered to be the stone of Lord “Hanuman Ji”. It is an Opaque Gemstone. Wearing Day: Tuesday at day time. Cautions: One should remove and get a new one if the Gemstone get cracked, In coral crack means breakage as Coral has black marks which are actually black holes. You should not wear Blue Sapphire, Diamond and Emerald along with Red Coral, unless a learned astrologer recommends so!

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    Shaligram Mala

    1,100.00 1,500.00

    Colour : Black

    Descriprtion : Black hakik mala is believed to be one of the most powerful protection stones. Black hakik mala is associated with the base (root, first) chakra. Black hakik mala has the ability to soothe fears and worries, to control to overwhelming emotions. hakik mala can help a person maintain a positive outlook while awaiting the result of a source of anxiety. hakik mala is recommended for improving concentration and devotion, calming sexual tension and ending marital disputes. Black hakik mala helps to remove depression, nightmares and losses in legal matters.

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    Brass Pyramid

    750.00 800.00

    Size : 2 x 2 inch

    Description : 3 Pieces Vastu Pyramid Total 91 Pyramids… Placing brass Pyramid At appropriate Locations, You Can achieve Health, Happiness And Prosperity. Use Of Pyramid Is A Practical Art To Harmonize-mind, Body And Spirit With The Environment. Uses Of Pyramid Set:- 1. If You Are Making A New House, Place 8 Pyramid Set in All Eight Direction & 1 At The Centre Of The House. 2. In Existing House, Place Brass Pyramid In The Floor Near The Main Door To Attract Auspicious Energy And Save The House From Evil Eyes. 3. In Case Of Vastu Defect Place It In The North-east Corner Of Your House Or In The Alter(prayer) Room. 4. Students Can Place The Brass Pyramid On Their Study Table To Get Good Academic Result. 5. Incase Of Iplace The brass Pyramid On All The Important Machines. This Will Help In Reducing The Maintenance Cost Of Machinery. Production Will Also Improve. 6. Incase Of Farmhouse, Resort Etc., brass Pyramid Can Be Installed In All 8 Direction With 1 In The Centre. 7. At Work Place Keep It On The Working Table & You Will Find Yourself More Confident And Energetic

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    Kuber-Laxmi Gold Plated 1000 Rupees Note

    3,100.00 3,400.00

    Description : Unique Gold note in a box. This note is sure to cast a pleasant surprise on your guest once they get to know of it, Why not gift one today and surprise your guests, offered at irresistible discounts only from Narula handicrafts yours to choose.

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    Laxmi Gold Plated Coin

    300.00 350.00

    Description : We are a recognized trader and supplier of an exclusive range of Maha Laxmi Coins. The offered range is well designed from the finest quality material and high-end technology by professionals. Our offered products are available in various sophisticated designs and sizes. The offered range is highly demanded by the client for its excellent features. Clients can avail the offered coins at market leading prices.


    • Light weight
    • Beautiful patterns
    • Mesmerizing designs
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    Shri Dhanlaxmi Shri Kuber Bhandari

    500.00 600.00

    Description :

    The JT God Idols glass Shri Dhan Laxmi Shri Kuber Bhandari Idols is meant to give you wealth and prosperity. By placing the Dhan Laxmi Kuber Yantra in your home or in office, you should be bestowed with peace of mind and spiritual contentment in addition to a lifetime of lavishness. One of the most promising and powerful yantras, it supposed to be favourable for everybody, so get yours on Snapdeal today!

    Power of the Gods Straight to Your Home
    Once Mata Laxmi is pleased with you, she showers you with wealth and affluence. When you worship this set of idols, it is supposed to bring you with victory and wealth. Shri Dhan Laxmi Kuber Yantra also aids in conquering all your monetary difficulties and throws infinite finances, prosperity, success and generally all good things for every member of your family.

    Removes all the Negative Effects
    This collection of idols removes all negative effect of your planet and is extremely useful in removing negative effects and any black magic powers that may have been cast your way. It is said to give you profound name and fame. It also helps in eradicating the ill effect of vaastu defects in your existing spaces.

    Financial Crisis at Bay
    The JT God Idols glass Shri Dhan Laxmi Shri Kuber Bhandari Idols is said to be the perfect solution for all your financial problems at business. The blessings of Goddess Laxmi will not only produce a great source of income for you but also helps in upholding your existing assets. The Idol of Kuber also facilitates saving or cutting down on your expenses.

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    Ma Laxmi Charan Paduka


    Descriprtion :

    • Laxmi Charan Paduka is a rare Lucky Charm ,very well described in Vedas and Puranas.
    • It is believed that keeping this in your Puja Room , Office , Home.
    • it symbolizes the foot prints of Maha Laxmi ,Devi of Wealth and Prosperity. Goddess Laxmi.
    • Lakshmi prapti Yantra.
    • Maa Lakshmi will come to your House.
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    Vastu Swastik Pyramid

    550.00 600.00

    Size : Regular Size

    Descriprtion : We are undoubtedly manufacturers, traders and service providers of Inside Protector With Swastika Yantra. They are protecting using various mantras by our designers and learned after various studies. They act as guide and protect from all evils and brings peace, harmony and happiness.






    Good omen

    Highly effective

    Cost effective

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    Donate Food For Orphanage


    Food Donation At An Orphanage

    Food Donation at Orphanage helps you choose a way through which one can make a great difference in the lives of many.

    Food donation gives to you:

    • When you offer food to orphans, there is a sense of satisfaction and a positive shift to your self-worth.
    • It generates good values in your kids – if they see you helping others, they are more likely to adopt a giving mindset.
    • Life is based on Law of Karma – If you do something good for others, it eventually will come back to you. Therefore, whenever you contribute to someone’s happiness, it will come back to you.

    Food donation offers to the needy:

    • A fulfilling meal – sumptuous and nutritious.
    • A well-cooked meal is a symbol of care and love. Donating a meal establishes this fact and makes them feel cared for.
    • Offering good food to the orphan children is a symbol of affection.
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    Copper Pyramid Patti with 9 Pyramid


    It is dig in the ground for Correcting Vastu Defects to get positive energy

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    Depression Glass Tray


    Size : 3 TO 4 inch

    Description : Depression Glass Tray home by thesecretcupboard

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