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    Navgrah Gold Plated Ring

    3,100.00 3,400.00

    Description : Very Nice Handmade Navaratna Ring Made With Sterling Silver and Studded with Excellent Quality Of natural Gemstones Including one Natural Diamond. Ring Is Available in all Sizes. IT Will Bring You Full Astrological Affect If you are Told To Wear a Navaratna Ring.

    Navaratna means nine gems. This word is used in gemmology and in Sanskrit literature. In gemmology it means the nine gems Diamond (Vajra), Ruby (Manikya or Padmaraga), Emerald (Marakatha), Sapphire (Neelam), Topaz (Pushparaka), Pearl (Mukta), Coral (Pravala), Cat’s Eye (Vaidurya) and Gomedaka (garnet). But I am dealing with the Navaratna in Sanskrit literature. The mystery about nine gems or nine jewels in Sanskrit literature is not solved till this day. The reason being

    1.The sloka about nine literary gems is a very late composition.

    2.The Sanskrit verse mentioned nine people in the Royal court of Emperor Vikramaditya. The most famous Vikramaditya of Indian history lived in the first century BCE. We have one era known as Vikrama Samvat (56 BCE) in our calendar system. Because of his fame, for at least 1000 years, several other kings also called themselves Vikramaditya! But the nine literary gems lived in different ages. So they would not fit into his court!

    3.Of the nine scholars, we did not know about four scholars except their names.

    4.Kalidasa was the most famous scholar in the list. He could have lived in the first century BCE, renowned Sanskrit scholars believe so. (Please read my earlier articles on Kalidasa’s age through Sangam Tamil literature).

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    Navgrah Stone Box

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    Colour : 9 Navgrah Gemstone Colour

    Descriprtion :  Navgrah Stone box for Grah Shanti.

    Navgrah Stones are very effective in warding off the malefic effects of all the nine planets ( Navgraha ). Sometimes, more than one planets are adversely placed in one’s horoscope or at times, the correctness of the horoscope is doubtfull due to non-availability of authentic data. Under such conditions, one can keep Navgraha Stones with him or keep it in the place of worship and proves very effective in countering the malefic effects of those planets which are wrongly placed in ones horoscope thereby bringing good health, wealth and prosperity.

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