Donate Food For the Church


Food Donation At The Church

Church is not only a peaceful sanctuary to pray and remember God, but is also compelled to make a difference in the lives of others.

Food donation gives to you:

  • When you offer food to the poor, there is a sense of satisfaction and a positive shift to your self-worth.
  • It generates good values in your kids – if they see you helping others, they are more likely to adopt a giving mindset.
  • Life is based on Law of Karma – If you do something good for others, it eventually will come back to you. Therefore, whenever you contribute to someone’s happiness, it will come back to you.

Food donation offers to the needy:

  • The positive energy of the Church gets transferred to the person eating a meal at the Church.
  • Just like in the eyes of God, everyone eating at the Church is equal.
  • By eating at the Church, one learns the importance of food and how not to waste it.


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