Ganesh ji Aarti Sangrah

750.00 700.00

Descriprtion :

This Aarti  easy to carry size makes possible to keep it in one’s purse or car dash board. To satisfy your sentiments of reverence and for all auspicious occasions and special days whether birthday, wedding, anniversary……it is an exclusive option for gifting and express your special feelings for you near dear ones.

In addition to this, it is a perfect choice to enhance the treasure of one’s collectible items.

It contains:

  1. Aarti Shree Ganesh ji
  2. Aarti Shree Laxmi ji
  3. Aarti Shree Amba ji
  4. Aarti Shree Durga ji
  5. Aarti Shree Shiv ji
  6. Aarti Shree Kunj Bihari ji
  7. Aarti Shree Krishan ji
  8. Aarti Shree Shyam Khatu ji
  9. Aarti Shree Ramchandra ji
  10. Aarti Shree Sai Baba ji
  11. Aarti Shree Hanuman ji
  12. Aarti Aum jai jagdish hare
  13. Shree Hanuman Chalisa
  14. Geeta Sar
  15. Kshamapan strotam
  16. Shree Shree Yantram
  17. Shree Mahamritunjaya Yantra
Ganesh ji Aarti Sangrah

750.00 700.00