Natural Certified Sri Lankan Ceylon Yellow Sapphire


Price : 3200 rs /-per carat

Weight : 8.50 carat

Colour : Yellow

Shape & Cut : Square Cut

Description : We have large collection of Sri lankan (Ceylon) yellow sapphire (pukhraj). All our yellow sapphire (pukhraj)s are natural, unheated and shipped with original lab certified.

Anchdhatu ring is made up of Gold, Silver,Zinc,Copper and Iron.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed if not you can return it.

Along with a product we will provide you certificate of a product as well.

The photo gives a good representation of the Gemstone but does not represent the actual size & color.

It is possible to gain financial stability by wearing Pukhraj. Yellow sapphire is known to increase chances of profit in business and export import deals and it is believed that it boosts the amount of profit too.


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