Vastu Trangel Pyramid

400.00 350.00

Descriprtion :

With power of pyramid you can explore many ways to money, health and wellness.

Pyramids can help you turn your dreams into reality-at home or at workplace. Use of pyramid is a practical art to harmonize-mind, body and spirit with the environment. By just placing copper pyramid at appropriate locations, you can achieve health, happiness and prosperity.

Uses of copper pyramid Chip:- (Vastu & Pyramid experts all over the world has found copper pyramid more effective and result oriented. Use of copper in the pyramid enhances its power and gives good results. Since yantra are found more effective with copper material, the pyramid made with copper found highly beneficial )

1. Place this chips below the tiles or on the door frame to activate good luck & to save your premises from evil eyes.

2. Place it in your cash box for wealth luck.In case of vastu defect place it in the North-East corner of your house or in the alter(prayer) room.

3. Carry in your bag or purse for pyramid energy during work.

4. Incase of location of staircase in wrong direction, fix 3 copper chips on the staricase for first three steps.

5. Fix it on all important machines, computers and vehicles for better performance

Vastu Trangel Pyramid

400.00 350.00