Ever wonder why you have to struggle? Do you feel burdened with poverty, debts and other financial miseries despite working hard? These could be due to faults or doshas in your horoscope. Astrology remedies can help resolve these problems.

In astrology, astrological remedies are tools of the divine, which find mention in Vedic Astrology to provide solutions to life’s problems. These problems could be anything, ranging from miseries – financial, personal, familial etc. to hurdles, delays, confusions, disillusionment or the search for spiritual consciousness. The problems could be physical, mental or even metaphorical. They could be material in nature too. All solutions can be reached through astrology remedies.

Astrological remedies against adverse planets is the topic of this webpage. Objective is to restore good health and ensure peaceful mind. Planets exert favorable as well as adverse effects on each other. Our beloved earth, as a member of the solar family enjoys the effects of other members and also reciprocates the same to them. Thus, effects of other planets while showered on earth are being enjoyed by each and every living and non living thing within the earth. In this context, viewers may read medical astrology to have a better idea about action of the planets on human body. Adverse effects of the planets bring about comprehensive misery like, premature death, accidental death, illness, poverty, illiteracy, malpractices, superstitions, etc. A lot of astrological remedies were made since the beginning of human civilization to avoid maleffects of the planets, but there is hardly any absolute remedy of astrology were found to avoid that. Individual horoscope is the main criterion of a native to be affected from adverse planetary effects. Enjoy, Vedic astrological remedies!

Prayer is one of the best Vedic astrology remedy

Amongst various types of astrological remedies in a horoscope, prayer is the unique as well as the noble way to prevent adverse effects of the planets as well as restoring peace. People are at their liberty to pray to almighty as they feel convenient or following the guideline of their respective religion. Astrology has no contradiction with religion and prayer rather it guides people on their respective ways ensuring mental peace.

Utilization of auspicious time the best astrological remedies

This is another wise method among all other methods of best Vedic astrological remedies against adverse planetary effects. As we know, sterilization is the key word and is compulsory in sterile pharmaceutical production. Purpose of sterilization is to make the medicines free from impurities, so that those would not contaminate our body with the source of other disease or diseases while administration. Therefore, comprehensive measures are taken in the laboratories of any pharmaceutical industry to ensure sterile and hygienic production. Similarly in Indian astrology, the process of sterilization is done with the most comprehensive use of auspicious time in our day to day activities. This is a fantastic mode of remedy from many negativities. Any new venture done in an auspicious time gives assured dividend for the longest possible time. Besides this, each and every household article should be sterilized with the auspiciousness of time. As a result, those articles would get the maximum life and the users would be immensely benefited. Amongst the articles of daily use, dress is one of the most important articles to all of us. According to Vedic astrology, Wednesday and Thursday are found to be very auspicious to open a new dress for use.

Food habit, a decent way of astrological remedy

This is considered one of the easiest way of Vedic astrological remedy against adverse planetary effects. We should have a clear conception about the nature of food which we allow to get into our body. Foods are some substances which enter into our body, get decomposed, leave its nutrients and finally get disposed out of body. Foods are directly related to the effects of a Solar day (viz. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursady, Friday and Saturday) or in other words could be said that foods liberate solar energy, which is duly trapped in it by the process of photosynthesis. Vegetarian food habit is the best and the safest for human body. Thus, food habit is considered as a remarkable remedy.

But people who love to eat Non-Vegetarian dish may at least follow some of the days with vegetarian foods, which will help them to a great extent avoiding adverse planetary effects. There is no hard and fast day of that kind which exclusively depends on the changed positions of the planets and will be informed from time to time. This endeavor is made for the people of non-vegetarian food-habits only.

Following astrological remedy to observe such a specific vegetarian day excluding milk and its by-products, people should discard or avoid eating any animal proteins, like Fish, Meat, Egg and even among the vegetables, Onion, Garlic, Ginger and red lentils which have maximum effects of stimulation.

Physical-exercise, the best astrological Remedy

This is another wonderful method in Indian astrology to avoid planetary adversity. Adverse planetary effects make us sick, physically as well as mentally, moreover, put us in a comprehensive distress. A practice of routine and systematic exercise of body helps us overcome adverse effects of the planets to a great extent. Moreover, to build up a perfect body, care should be taken on all the parts equally to facilitate uniform growth and maturity.

Meditation, the spiritual way of astrological remedies

This is an effective astrological remedy where mind gets placid as well as tranquil and become capable to percept all the waves of it with peace. Meditation is another classical method to nullify planetary adversity which has been endorsed by Vedic astrology from time immemorial. Meditation is amongst all Vedic astrological remedies against adverse planetary effects which really pay in the long run. Mind is the fastest, which moves even faster than light. The art of meditation helps us to bridle mind by acting as a brake or could be said that meditation is the brake of mind. As we all know that physical exercise strengthens our body while meditation enriches our mind. Primary work of meditation is to keep the body static for the longest possible time, which could be increased gradually with the acquired habitual effect. Meditation should be performed in fresh air sitting and looking towards the north. This is found from the individual chart of astrology, which a person runs through the phase of its eleventh lord, succeeds in meditational venture. This is only a horoscope which can guide us precisely. Meditation ensures peace of mind.

Medication, the inevitable way of astrological remedies

This is an unavoidable remedy of astrology when our physique fall sick and that could be explored from our horoscope. Medication is a common practice throughout the world and is the best known astrological remedy. Diseases are also manifestation of adverse planetary effects which need simultaneous remedy. So, to combat with medication is required to save us from discomfort. Medication or treatment is mainly of two types, a) therapeutic and b) prophylaxis. Therapeutic treatment is offered to the patients to get them well soon from the diseases or within the shortest possible time. Therapeutic mode of medication is offered during the painful condition of the patients. Whereas, prophylaxis mode of treatment is advised to keep us away from the severity of a major disease or diseases by consuming little quantities of vitamins, minerals and food-supplements, just to compliment deficits of food nutrients.

As we know, prevention is better than cure, so prophylaxis is the best mode of remedy or medication to keep our body fresh for the longest possible time without experiencing prolong pain and discomfort.

Global Peace – the way to astrological remedy

Global peace is the massive way of astrological remedy and is a very high topic in the present world. Neither religion nor politics can bring peace in the world. Even if, we assume that the entire global society remain under the canopy of a single religion, none of us can assure peace. Practically, religion has nothing to do with peace. Promoting peace is a very noble job, but that also require auspicious time to do, otherwise that can invite danger to the peace preachers because, the nature runs with a certain sequence of time and nothing random is allowed over there. Peace is a relative terminology for the world. There was neither absolute peace in the world in the past and nor will be. But that does not mean we will give up hope of bringing peace, rather must try to make the world a better place for the posterity, as that is within our reach. In the ancient days news used to take time to reach us due to lack of telecommunicational infrastructure, but nowadays, with the development of science and technology, we get updated with the breaking news within a few minutes.

Present World is lacking in peace and a lot of measures and ventures by the World leaders are under process every now and then to ensure peace. But, the funniest thing is that, as much as we are running after peace; peace is getting more and more away from us like the mirage in desert, which is very tragic. This reminds me a very small incident, which is like that – while working as a representative of a pharmaceutical company in India one day, I went to meet the doctors along with one of my colleague. My colleague was demonstrating a hepato-protective drug (Medicine which protects liver) to a doctor. Maybe the doctor was little bit absent in mind, suddenly he asked my colleague.