It is very important to decide at the beginning of your career about your suitability for job or business, and then it will not be difficult for you to achieve your destination. It can also help you to select the right field of education and will save your time and hard work in wrong areas that you can utilize in preparations of competitive exams after completion of your studies. However, for career in business your preparations may be different. Once you decide upon your career, you can plan your education and money management accordingly.

Planets in the seventh to twelfth houses support the tenth house in the birth-chart. Similarly, planets in the tenth to the third house make the Ascendant strong. The opportunities for a free business may be high when the ascendant or the tenth house is strong. To start a career as abusiness man, you should have a strong determination, far-thinking and intelligence of a businessman and the capability to take risks. If there are five or more than five planetsin these houses, it can increase the potentials of independent business.

Sun, Moon, Mars and Rahu are the planets of PurnaParmatmansh. The remaining ones are Jeevansh and Parmatmansh. Due to the effect of planets of PurnaParmatmansh on the ascendant or the ascendant lord, you can take decisions freely as well as itraises the possibilities to become afreebusinessperson.

If Saturn becomes strong in the birth-chart and effects the Sun, Moon and the tenth house then the native may choose independent business as a career. However, if Saturn is weak and effected by Sun, Moon, tenth house or lord then the native may choose job as his occupation. Saturn is also considered a kaarak of job.

In the birth-chart, the sixth house is the house of job or service in prison or hospital; it may incline you towards job because of the strong Sixth house in the birth-chart. If the native is in business then the native may have to follow the orders of others. However you may achieve success easily if the ascendant or Ascendant lord is placed in a good position in the birth-chart.

In the birth-chart, the third house is the house of bravery, hard judgments and tests. You can become abusiness man if the third house is in a stable position but Mars should be strong because these abilities come from Mars. The ninth house is the house of fortune. If you have a strong fortune then you may not have problems to attain success.

You may need a good amount of money to invest in an independent business. Dhan yoga in the birth-chart createslikelihood for earning good income. In thiscondition, you canmake lot of money through an independent business because in a job the income is limited. Association of the second house, eleventh house, fifth house and ninth house are considered auspicious for dhan yoga in the birth-chart.

People earn money for a good life. A well chosen profession reduces worries in life. Proper profession canconfirm success and a beautiful life. Vedic astrology has given useful ways formaking a perfect professional life.

Bearing in mind the dilemma whether to go for business or service, Vedic astrology suggests if there is any weak planet in the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th or 11th house of a horoscope, then the native should take service. While business may be the right choice for a native if the above mentioned houses have strong planets.

The 2nd house of horoscope gives an idea about the financial position and the success of an individual. Profit from corporation business, trading are also calculated from this house.

The 4th house of horoscope determines paternal wealth. The 5th house of horoscope gives quick wealth to its native. The native may get money from lottery as this house usually has dignified planet. Position of partnership in business and wealth from marital relationship can be determined from the 7th house. Aninquisitive native may even find fortune from in-laws.

According to Indian astrology, the 8th house in a horoscope is the signification of sufferings as well as income of its native. The house shows sudden wealth, profit from betting, and financial favour from women.

The 9th house is the house of good luck. The 10th house of horoscope is the house of business, service and other careers. This house specifies the status of income from government service or private sector. A native’s expenses can be calculated from the 12th house of horoscope. You can check the ratio of your income and spending from the 12th house.

Sun or Moon in the 10th house shows wealth from father or paternal association. Situation of Sun in this house means the native may take his or her father’s role. Similarly, Moon in 10th house means wealth from mother or maternal side. There is a chance of success in fields run by Moon. • Astrologysays that Mars in 10th house gives profit from opposition. Mars increases success in army, defence and ammunition department.

Mercury carries happiness and full support of friends, financial and mental. Jupiter in the 10th house indicates care and company of brothers. You can make a lucrative career in education or as an advisor, counsellor, lecturer and other Jupiter dominated fields.

Venus in the 10th house showsfabulous income in art industry as it makes successful career in music, dancing, acting, painting and other art related fields. According to Vedicastrology Saturn in this house makes its native hard working. With this the native may achieve success in tourism, iron, wooden furniture, cement and chemical industry.

So ifyou are unable to choose the correct field of your success in career as job or business, you should consult a Vedic Astrologer so that he can help you to choose the correct way for success in life. He can be your best friend if you think positive and have faith in Vedic Astrology.