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    Navaratna Mala

    500.00 550.00

    Colour : Navaratna Multi Colour

    Description : Original Navratna Mala Consisting Nine Stones Of Planets Which are Precious and Semi Precious Stones. Mala is Very Good for Good Luck.Mental Peace and Control ILL effects of Nine Planets.

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    Navgrah Mala


    Colour : Multi colour

    Descriprtion :  Navagraha or the 9 planets play a profound role in influencing the events in our life. The type of authority the planets will have on you depends on their position in your natal chart and the present transit position. Navagraha Mala, which contains gemstones for all nine planets, has the ability to balance the energies of the planets in your life and so you do not feel the impact of the unfavorable planets. Navagraha mala come in a necklace with either 54 or 108 beads. Counting the mala beads, while reciting or chanting mantra for Navagrahas, will energize your Navagraha mala. You can wear the mala after meditation.

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    Shaligram Mala

    1,100.00 1,500.00

    Colour : Black

    Descriprtion : Black hakik mala is believed to be one of the most powerful protection stones. Black hakik mala is associated with the base (root, first) chakra. Black hakik mala has the ability to soothe fears and worries, to control to overwhelming emotions. hakik mala can help a person maintain a positive outlook while awaiting the result of a source of anxiety. hakik mala is recommended for improving concentration and devotion, calming sexual tension and ending marital disputes. Black hakik mala helps to remove depression, nightmares and losses in legal matters.

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    Yellow Topaz Citran Mala

    750.00 800.00

    Colour : Yellow

    Descriprtion : Yellow Topaz is a semi-precious stone found in prominent yellow and various shades of the color. It is associated to navel chakra. It helps for meditation. It helps by providing inner peace and calmness of the mind of the wearer. It also brings happiness to the wearer’s life. It also helps the aura of the environment by eradicating all the negativities present. It also helps the thought flow to be more creative. It provides jolly behavior and calmness by enhancing the control over the anger and rage of the wearer. It also provides feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment of materialistic desires to a person. Yellow Topaz is also linked with pride, honesty, intelligence, kindness and sincerity. It is linked with planet Jupiter and helps to eliminate the malefic effects of Jupiter on the wearer’s natal chart.

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