Any construction takes place on a Plot. Without plot, nothing is possible. Vastu of a Plot is the most important part. Any building or Property to be constructed on a Plot should have Vastu perfect. There are some important points related to the Vastu of a Plot. There are many factors to be considered before constructing a building or your house on a plot of land. Some of the factors which are important from the Vastu shastra point of view for a plot are – From whom you buy the plot, direction of the plot, environment or surrounding of the plot, obstruction in front of the main gate of the plot, slope of the plot, level of plot, cut and extention of the plot etc. This vastu shastra test for plots is a vastu test to find the vastu score of a plot or land.

Vastu Shastra strongly recommends square/rectangular shapes of lands. However, as a matter of fact, perfectly shaped lands are hard to come by and as an alternative, according to the vastu for land, a Sherdah is suggested or one where the land is wider in front and coming out narrower at the rear. Another favourable Vastu position is Gaumukhi that indicates a narrower front part compared to the rear part where the plot is wider.