You are a brave and mighty individual. You have an ability to undertake any kind of work. You are socially inclined person. You are more interested in performing activities that benefit the society as a whole. You are also good at executing spiritual tasks and this makes you a commendable social worker. The month of January 2019 shows signs of you receiving honour, respect, luxuries and amenities in every way.

You are likely to receive better profits right from the very beginning of this month. You will succeed in every kind of work that you choose to do. The time period is favourable in terms of receiving success in the acquisition of real estate. If you are making attempts to purchase a vehicle or house, then you will be successful in the same. You are likely to receive numerous success-oriented opportunities in this month. However, there are chances of facing a delay in receiving a better position at the workplace.

If you are a working professional, then you may have to face a slight delay in getting the desired position, but the situation may get favourable in the latter part of the month. The month will be favourable in terms of business growth. You will get good opportunities to reap benefits pertaining to capital because Sun is communicating in the Sagittarius zodiac sign, which ensures monetary benefits in terms of work and business.

Sun is also transiting in the Sagittarius zodiac along with Saturn which is favourable in terms of purchasing house, vehicle etc. When Sun would enter into the Capricorn zodiac, then you will get profits in your existing business. Therefore, you can expect that the second half of the month will be beneficial for you. Conditions will remain favourable from the child’s side. You may get blessed with a baby. Also, there are strong chances of receiving love and support from your children. If you are a student, then you’re likely to succeed in your studies.

If you are a politician then you’re likely to receive brilliant opportunities of succeeding as a politician. In addition to victory, honour and respect; you’ll be able to enjoy a strong social grip as well. Due to people’s support and by being popular among the masses, there are strong chances of receiving political gains. There is a need to be careful about the enemies. However, there is no possibility of any big issue.

Health conditions are likely to remain favourable. You may have to travel overseas more often throughout this month. The month of January 2019 is likely to include a lot of stressful and hectic situations. There is a possibility of receiving cooperation from the spouse.

The month will be quite favourable in terms of economic benefits. Therefore, try to do some good work in the second half of the month and you’ll succeed for sure. Conditions will be favourable in matters of love relations.
In this month, the dates viz: 1, 9, 10, 18, 21 and 29 might be unfavourable for you. Refrain from doing any important task on any of these days. If possible, execute normal tasks on these days. There is a strong chance of meeting a new person who shares the similar types of personality traits and interests. Getting in touch with such an individual would bring you an immense amount of success and you will stay contented throughout your life.


During the initial days of this month, problems pertaining to economic condition are likely to arise. But, after 15th January, you’re likely to benefit in terms of money acquisition. Any attempt to gain monetary benefits will be successful. There is a high possibility for the same because Mercury is transiting into Sagittarius zodiac, which will be beneficial in terms of economic profits. Every kind of attempt made for gaining monetary profit will be successful. There is also a probability of receiving financial benefits from connecting with a new person. The time period is favourable in terms of wealth growth. Therefore, if you are planning to set up any type of business for gaining profits, then you can go ahead with expansion of the project plan. Additionally, if there is a plan to invest in something, then it will also be successful. Be cautious about money and hold responsibilities for your work, which will allow you to receive support for benefiting economically within the specific time-frame and situation regarding work-related economy will also remain favourable.


There is a possibility of any kind of infection etc. There are chances of suffering from any type of infection in the lower part of the waist and also issues related to urine. Any kind of injury might also cause problems related to health. Blood-related disorders could also concern you. Therefore, be very careful about your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Conditions may be favourable related to romantic relationships. However, make sure to express your feelings to the one you love because only then you’ll be able to achieve success. The boyfriend/ girlfriend will have to prove that he/she loves a special someone and wants him/her dearly because only then the person will be able to offer complete support. A failure to do the same may cause stress or sourness in your romantic relationship, which will further lead to deterioration in your mental condition. All this is because Jupiter is communicating in the Scorpio zodiac sign, which expects you to be wary about love relationships and render true affection to your beloved. This would lead to progress in your romantic relationships. If you truly love someone, then you can pour your heart out during the second half of this month.

You can speak to your partner about a casual vacation and areas related to your work. However, make it a point to explain such situations during the beginning of the month and work towards maintaining constant interaction with your beloved. Conditions pertaining to marital life are likely to remain good.

Having a good relationship with the spouse will lead to massive amount of happiness in the house and there may be a possibility of receiving cooperation in overseas trips. There is also a clear possibility of receiving immense cooperation from the in-laws side. Therefore, make it a point to maintain a cordial relation with your spouse.

Family & Friends

There is a good possibility of family related conditions remaining normal throughout this month of January 2019. Family relations and family support will prove helpful in rendering the right direction for effective execution of a task. You will also be able to receive support in domestic work and there is a possibility of receiving commendable cooperation in overseas projects. In addition to this, maintaining interpersonal coordination would bring an opportunity to succeed during this month. During the initial days of the month, there is a possibility of an increase in family hurdles. Therefore, you need to have proper interaction with everyone in the family and take care of the same. There is a chance of deteriorating relations with parents and issues related to parents’ health may arise during this month.

The situation will remain favourable from the children’s side. During the second half of the month, there may be some or the other auspicious function at your home and all the family members would participate in the same with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. This will create better mutual understanding within the members of the family and you’ll receive cooperation from one and all in the house. This will also help you to grow both psychologically and financially and you’ll start feeling proud of yourself. Your reputation within the family is likely to improve during the month of January 2019 and you’ll be respected by one and all. However, for things to work in your favour, it is absolutely essential for you to keep the family united in all ways. This will also ensure success for you in all fields of life, whether it is career, marital life or anything else. In this month, you will be able to execute all such things for sure.


On every Tuesday, read Hanuman Chalisa or recite Sunderkand. Visit a Hanuman temple and cover the Hanuman idol using vermilion and jasmine oil. Observe fast on every Tuesday. Donate red coloured items on every Tuesday. Doing this would fetch you excellent benefits.

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