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    Ashok Stambh

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    Description : This is very beautiful carved sculpture of Ashoka Pillar (Ashoka Stambh), which is national symbol of Republic of India.

    Wooden ashoka pillar home decor gift item national emblem india, description, internal story:the great ashoka pillar at, sarnath in varanasi, up was erected by emperor ashoka during his reign. The, ashoka pillar was officially adopted as the national emblem of india on 26, january 1950. It has four asiatic lions standing back to back – symbolizing, power, courage, pride and confidence – mounted on a circular abacus. The, ashoka pillar sends the message œsatyameva jayate (english: truth alone, triumphs). This is a quote from the mundaka upanishad of the hindu vedas. This, ashoka pillar carved in wood is thus a unique novelty item. It stands for the, values of power, courage, pride, confidence and truth. Place it on your workdesk, or in your wall unit as a symbol of what you value most in life !item, type: wooden handicraft:ashoka pillar, dimensions, in inches (hxw):8×2 inches, (measurement, values given in approx. ) material: wood, colour: as shown in the image, may vary (upto 5%) due to lightning, flash light while photo shoot, and, according to screen settings and resolution, quantity: one peace ashoka pillar (set as in image), assistance: bulk order or custom orders, combines shipping on request, made by rural artists of india, (this is hand made item so some imperfection might occur)

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