In this month, there are chances that the works undertaken by you wouldn’t render you the desired results. Additionally, situations regarding honour and respect would remain stressful. You may have to face big challenges related to work and are likely to receive less profit. During the second half of the month, conditions related to work are likely to become favourable. There might be a delay in getting benefits from the business.

There is a good possibility of an increase in expenditures during this month. You may have to spend money on something related to any kind of work. Also, you may have to spend money on the auspicious start of any kind of new work and the amount of money spent on unnecessary travel etc. is also going to be high. Therefore, make an attempt to avoid unnecessary tours and try maintaining warm relations with relatives because Saturn and Sun are transiting into Sagittarius zodiac, which can lead to such a situation.

Dragon’s Tail is communicating in the Capricorn zodiac, which can cause a hindrance in the acquisition of honour, money etc. However, some conditions may get better during the second half of this month and there may be good benefits related to your area of work. If you’re doing a job, then during the second half of this month, you may receive a good position along with an impressive amount of respect. There is also a possibility of being successful in business.

The possibility of getting political gains is high because Jupiter is transiting into Scorpio zodiac, which ensures that a strong social presence brings in brilliant political gains. There is also a possibility of development in the spiritual works as well. An increasing amount of interest in religion and spiritualism may allow you to receive support in your area of work. If you are a student, then this month, doors to your academic success will open and your preparation will fetch you impressive academic results in the future. If you are preparing for acquiring a job into the services domain etc., then you’ll be benefitted without a doubt. Your enemies might overpower you. Therefore, beware of enemies. Also, be careful about any kind of diseases. Situations related to overseas travel and marital life are likely to remain a bit stressful. Therefore, there may also be problems related to your overseas travel and your marital life. In this month, on the dates viz: 5th, 6th, 14th, 15th, 23rd and 24th are not very good for you. Hence, during this month, avoid putting in efforts to undertake an important task on any of these dates. Avoid all of these dates so that all your tasks can be completed successfully.


During this month, the economic conditions are going to be towards a higher end. Any task done with an intention to achieve economic growth is likely to be successful. If you have already invested in anything, then you are likely to get great dividends. You may also get financial benefits from the point of view of business. However, these conditions are possible only in the second half of the month because of a very good scope of career during this time period. Normal situation is arising in terms of economic benefits. Therefore, it is expected that economic benefits can be improved as the month proceeds. However, opportunities for economic gains are possible only under stressful situations and hardships.

So, it would be better for you to consider before investing money. If you are planning business expansion during this month or are interested in giving a good direction to any kind of business plan, then it will be good for you. Do not start with any new work. Otherwise, you may have to suffer loss. Try to improve whatever kind of business you’re undertaking in the present. If you’re doing a job, then you may start receiving impressive economic benefits which will keep you satiated.


In this month, you may have to suffer from any type of skin infections or any foot-related infections. Additionally, there may be a possibility of any kind of injury, pimples etc. Therefore, be cautious about your health and get the treatment done on time.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Conditions will be favourable for love relations. You can talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend wholeheartedly and you can also express your love for them. In the latter part of the month, you can get an opportunity to express your love. If you love your boyfriend/girlfriend and you have not been able to express your love yet, then you should express love with a good gift. It is quite possible that you’re simply in love with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Owning to the brilliant mutual harmony between the two of you, there are strong chances of a marriage during this month and after this there is a possibility of an improvement in the opinions of the two of you. In this month, the situation regarding your marital life is expected to remain a bit tensed. There is less chance of receiving cooperation from the spouse. An increase in marital problems might cause an interruption in an overseas travel plan. Therefore, you should try to improve your marital life. Dragon’s Head is communicating in the Cancer zodiac, which can affect the marital life and an abroad tour. Under such a situation, it is necessary to be cautious, otherwise the relationship with your in-laws may also get worse.

Family & Friends

Family conditions are likely to be favourable during this month. Mutual harmony within the family members would aid in overall welfare and development of the family and ensure mutual support within the family. This would lead to progress of the family members and the entire household. Every member of the family would hold responsibility of undertaking a task in an excellent manner because Mars is communicating in the Pisces zodiac, which can be very good from the perspective of family welfare and development. Therefore, during this month, try maintaining mutual co-ordination in order to keep great sympathy for the entire family. By having a warm relationship with your parents, you can expect good support from them as well. If you are planning to purchase any kind of vehicle, house etc. then you may receive your parents’ support for the same.

Also, the members of the house will render you the required support and co-operation. This kind of support offered by the family members would reduce your problems up to a certain level. However, for this you’ll also have to fulfil responsibilities towards your family members. Along with maintaining a warm bond, it will be necessary to take care of them as well. Thinking about the efficiency of household work and the development of family will prove beneficial for you.


You should light the lamp of sesame oil under the peepal tree or under a Shani Dev temple on every Saturday. Recite Hanuman chalisa every day. On every Saturday, donate black-coloured items and donate the cleaning items such as phenyl etc. to the temple. Donate clothes to some poor people. Doing this would solve many of your problems.

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