You are a person with a reserved nature and whatever work you do with stability and seriousness is likely to get completed successfully. You are likely to receive social dignity and prestige because Saturn is communicating in the Sagittarius zodiac. Works done with self-confidence can ensure an excellent success. Therefore, you can witness an impressive progress in this month. Hence, try to fulfil your tasks with passion and hard work. You will get success. Conditions are favourable. There are also signs of good relations with your relatives because Jupiter is communicating in the Scorpio zodiac, which shows signs of excellent monetary relations, real estate acquisition etc. If you are employed, then you are likely to get good opportunities for job advancement. Besides getting the cooperation of your favoured friends, your work system is likely to be welcomed. You may get a higher position at workplace according to time.

The possibility of receiving luxuries like vehicle, house etc. is good. You will have the opportunity to enjoy materialistic pleasures as well. You will get pleasure in all the ways. You may get good respect due to an enhanced interest in social activities. If you are a student then conditions regarding your academics are likely to remain favourable. You will be able to notice very good progress by the end of this month. From work perspective as well, you will start witnessing a rapid progress during this month. There is a probability of an increase in any kind of health related problems during this month.

Some or the other kind of family disputes might also arise. Try to beware of your enemies because Dragon’s Head is communicating in the Cancer zodiac, which is harmful for both, health as well as the enemies. In the early part of this month, an overseas travel might get affected and stressful situations regarding marital life might crop up. A lack of support by your spouse can adversely affect your mental condition and cause a lot of anxiety along with a bad effect on your work.

Domestic problems are expected to increase. However, fortune will accompany you and from the very beginning of the month, you might get success in all areas of work because Venus is transiting into Scorpio zodiac, which is suitable for an improvement in career. From the career perspective, the latter part of the month is quite favourable. Therefore, there is a good possibility of being successful in business or job. In this month, the dates viz: 8th, 9th, 17th, 18th, 26th and 27th are not suitable for you. You should refrain from starting any kind of work on these dates and make an attempt to ignore some or the other kind of important task.


There is a possibility of getting good opportunities for financial gains related to business. If you are employed, then there is a possibility of getting an impressive increment along with a higher position. During the second half of the month, economic growth might be possible in accordance to your work profile. If you are involved in business, then you will also get the opportunity of making good money along with success related to work. Fortune will accompany you. The best thing is that fortune would be by your side during this month. You can desire for a good inflow of cash from your area of your work. Conditions leading to monetary benefits are being generated. From the perspective of economic gains, you may go ahead with expansion of any kind of work plans during this month.

Situations pertaining to your area of work might be strengthened during this month. If you want to start with a new kind of work, then you can go ahead with the same during the second half of this month, which will enable you to enjoy economic benefits. Make continuous efforts to keep the financial conditions strong. Be careful during monetary transactions so that the economic situation remains strong and you receive great monetary benefits via your area of work.


You may have to face some kind of viral fever, etc. In addition to this, you may have to suffer from any kind of cold and cough, coughing mucus etc., or any kind of problem related to lungs. Therefore, you should ensure to be sensitive towards your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

In case of love affair, the situation may be unfavourable. You may face stressful situations with each other due to disturbance in the mutual harmony between the two of you. Small problems might lead to major issues. Due to mutual distrust among the boyfriend and girlfriend and ideological differences, there may be a lack of sympathy for each other. A situation wherein you may have to live separately, might also arise because Mercury along with Saturn and Sun would be communicating in Sagittarius zodiac sign. Therefore, situations regarding love relations might be unfavourable. Under such a situation, the boyfriend/girlfriend should try to maintain mutual cohesion. You should try to catch up with each other for fewer number of times during this month. You should not share my important things too. In the second half of this month, conditions are likely to become favourable.

Conditions pertaining to marital life will also remain a bit stressful. Conflicts within the family might lead to an increase in family problems, which will cause stress situation with the spouse. Your overseas travel might also get affected due to this. The work-related areas might also get affected. Under such a scenario, any attempt to maintain a warm relationship with the spouse will be good because this might also make your relation with the in-laws worse.

Family & Friends

In this month, there are signs of family relations remaining good. You would maintain mutual harmony with everyone in the family and the same would depict an enhanced co-ordination between the family members in addition to overall family development. You may also receive support from everyone in the household.

By having mutual harmony with other family members, you’ll have good feelings for each member in the family. This would also strengthen the working areas and situations related to work will continue to remain favourable because Venus is communicating in Scorpio zodiac, which is good for the overall progress of the household along with a possibility of enjoying the materialistic pleasures of the world. There might be good relations with parents, siblings etc. Everyone’s support might be received in the areas of work.

If circumstances of the family are favourable, then all kinds of problems can be faced. You can put in efforts towards the development of the family, which will strengthen the situations within the family. A tense situation may arise from the child’s side. You might feel satiated due to playful activities of your children which may cause family conflicts. You can reap good benefits from avoiding unnecessary disputes. Situations regarding the family might get better.


Donate black coloured articles on Saturdays and also serve poor people on every Saturday. Doing this will keep you in a good physical state and also you will start receiving excellent benefits related to your area of work. On every Saturday, supporting the elderly and feeding the birds etc. can prove to be immensely beneficial.

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